What is Communication? Define Direct and Indirect Communication.

Communication is an inseparable part of human existence though the method of communication differ from person to person which help them to relate with their environment, and Primarily there are two types of communication (i) Direct Communication, and (ii)Indirect Communication. Human history has witnessed many important and crucial moments while evolving but the present time is rightly been called the era of communication.

There is no doubt that communication in some form or other existed since the emergence of mankind on the face of the earth but the present form of communication is no less than a revolution in its field.

In the historic times from sign language to spoken language and from smoke signals to the beat of the drums the method of communication have undergone tremendous changed. Today, with a tap of a fingertip on a button and the message is communicated to any corner of the world. This has been possible with the advancement of science and technology.

Today whatever the size of information, it can be easily stored and retrieved as and when required. Today communication deals with information and communication technology which work on three important areas:

  • Gathering.
  • Transmission.
  • Storage

Direct and Indirect Communication.

Direct Communication: Also called natural communication. It takes place when two or more individuals are in close proximity to each other communicate or exchange their views. In natural communication, case the sender and receiver are bound by the limitations of time and space while communicating. They use speech, body language like waving hand, smiling and movement of body parts are essentials of natural communication. It is necessary that the sender and receiver can see and hear each other.

Indirect Communication: Also called technological communication is the product of modem science and technology. The main requirement in indirect communication is the instruments and gadgets developed by scientific researches. There is no limitation of time and space. People can communicate with each other even when are far away from each other. Even people who are unknown to each other can initiate communication.

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