For better visibility Microsoft working on rebranding Bing search engine

Microsoft working on rebranding its own search engine Bing for better visibility. Bing is the world second most popular search engine after Google.

There is no official announcement to date by Microsoft, but the developer community has witnessed visible changes to the service in the recent past.

According to report, Microsoft A/B testing the bing – where some users see old bing and some of them see compeletely new bing theme.

Microsoft has also upgraded the Outlook for Android app to include Bing search integration into the long-press menu. Some users that have Microsoft Outlook installed in their own Android apparatus have discovered seeing a fresh choice to carry out a Bing hunt when choosing text.

After launching the Outlook program to confirm an email and when a user presses a note in the text, a pop-up menu may appear with three choices: Search, Translate and Bing Search.

Back in June, Google had almost 84 percent market share while Bing had just 6 percent (based on information from NetMarketShare).

In its fourth financial quarter 2024 earnings outcome, Microsoft said hunt marketing revenue dropped by 18 percent approximately $353 million in your year-ago quarter as advertisers spent on advertisements or paid research results.

The company also has rebranded Windows Defender to Microsoft Defender. The new logo and brand’Microsoft Bing’ seem to have made their own way into the Bing homepage also. It seems sensible since Microsoft is a far bigger brand than only Bing.

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