Describe the main elements of the human relations approach to management.

Human Relations approach is based on the view that the modern organization is a social system in which the social environment and interpersonal relations govern the behaviour of employees. This approach emphasis motivating employees with satisfying work environment and fulfillment of their social and psychological needs.

Main Elements of Human Relations Approach.

Positive attitude of work team and team mates towards their work are very important factors that determine efficiency.

Workman cannot be motivated always by economic rewards.

Job security recognition by superiors and the right to put forward their views is bigger motivating factors than the monetary reward alone.

Physical environment at work place has a definite impact on productivity.

Meeting the social and psychological needs have a beneficial effect on employee morale and efficiency.

Social interaction in an employee group and common rest periods has a strong influence over performance.

Fulfillment of employees ambitions helps in fulfillment of organization at goals.

Free expression of employee views and removal of their doubts help the organization. Management should encourage development of social groups and social activities.

Employee satisfaction is the important factor that leads to achievement.

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