List some measures for promoting good governance?

Good Governance has assumed a prominent place in the present changing scenario.:It involves, as we have dissected earlier, not just executive, legislature and the judiciary, but also the private sector and civil society organisations. The objective of good governance is to promote an effective framework which is Democratic participate and responsive. Modem government is striving towards not just achievement of economic objectives, but is also attempting to bridge the gap ridge the gap between citizens and administration. Governance, to be effective, needs good government.

Good governance, has to pay attention to several key issues in political economic and civil spheres. Political governance needs to be strengthened through ensuring appropriate decentralization measures, making elected representatives responsive and accountable to citizens, :strengthening their capacities through education, awareness and training, regular, periodic and fair elections, impartial judiciary, and improving the functioning of the civil service.

Economic governance needs to be given importance through sufficient budgetary allocations to social sector priority areas such as education, health; housing, appropriate taxation and subsidy systems. This also requires government to promote private sector development’ through sound business practices, creation of stable economic environment, appropriate regulatory framework, and protection of the interests of all concerned including employees, consumers and society at large. Civic governance includes harnessing of the self-initiatives of people, improving their capacities to government lives creating awareness in them and enabling them to take up active role in democratic governance processes.

The representatives meet at periodic intervals and discuss problems being faced by citizens and ways of solving them. Good governance, needs reforms on various fronts, such as functioning of Pa:filament, civil service, judiciary etc Pursuing good governance needs a multi pronged strategy which includes

  • Investing in measures that could meet human needs, especially of poor and marginalized;
  • Strengthening various institutions of the state;
  • Building new partnerships with the civil society; and
  • Developing a new framework for government business cooperation.

Pursing good governance by any country requires measures at ensuring a proper balance in the functions of public, private and civic sectors in order to achieve economic development and social justice. The State, private sector and. civil society, in pursuit of good governance have to strike an appropriate balance in their roles to strive towards people oriented development.

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