Elitist Theory of Democracy.

The Elitist theory developed in the sphere of sociology so that he behavior of man be studied. According to Elitist Theory of Democracy there are two types of persons in the society. Firstly in every social organisation, there is a minority group or Elitist group, which occupies an important place in that organisation and secondly the remaining society which is in majority and works under the influence of the elite. 

Elite means the groups of those persons who, though in minority, have the political power in their hands because of their ability wisdom and efficiency and guide all the sections of society.

Explanation of Elitist theory of democracy :

  1.  Society consists of two categories of men.
  2. The iron law of oligrarchy.
  3. Democratic method of appointing and dismissing the supreme policy makers.
  4. Plurality of elites.
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