Big Boss new season starts, with safety precautions amid COVID-19.

“Bigg Boss”, one of Indian TV’s favourite reality shows that had a grand premiere on Saturday night with its new period, minus the live crowd, in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Equipped with a hammer, Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, who hosts the series, opened the 14th season, representing that “Bigg Boss” is set to provide a befitting answer to 2024 that was a problematic year up to now.

About COVID-19,” Khan stated, “This is that year where the negative word is positive.”

“This lockdown has left people to understand many household chores to be it washing the utensils, mopping the floor and most significantly it’s taught us to love the past,” he said during the introduction of the show.

Keeping in mind that the pandemic and safety measures, the 54-year-old celebrity said that time there would not be a live audience on the collections, adding the show feels empty without their existence.

The manufacturers showed a clip at which the “Bigg Boss” set, place up in suburban Mumbai” therefore Filmcity, is viewed experiencing sanitisation, along with the team members taking all necessary steps to create a secure environment for the housemates.

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Khan introduced this year so contestants who amused the audiences with their performances before entering the house.

According to a source near the production, the contestants finished their quarantine time before going into the house.

Former “Bigg Boss” contestants Sidharth Shukla, Hina Khan and Gauahar Khan, entered the series since “Toofani Seniors” that will take over the reins of the home and will probably be instrumental in making significant decisions for the initial 15 days.

Khan shut the premiere event in his signature “Bigg Boss” mode stating, “Do whatever you guys want to perform, simply don’t sacrifice corona to your parents.” The series airs on Colors Channel.

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